"Leah and Cortney make our collective awkwardness, unpredictability, and bizarre resourcefulness something to celebrate and delight in. They are some of the rare dancers out there that one rhapsodizes to watch do anything."

"An exuberance of life itself lights up their work, completely unapologetically."

"If it is our quirks that make us undeniably who we are, fivefour makes these quirks more or less public property."

"It is hard not to laugh at their mischief, even when it surprises you by looking like loneliness—the way it is hard to stifle a laugh when someone trips on the street. The laughter bubbles out as a buffer against our own failures…"

"There is a liquidity, precision, power and ferocity to their movements."

- The Nolan Review

fivefour • 255 McKibbin St #208 • Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 646.339.6558 • info@fivefourdances.org

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