Leah Nelson (co-artistic director, performer)

This native Los Angelino received her BA in Dance from Barnard College in 2002. She has performed and worked with choreographers such as Miguel Gutierrez, noranewdanceco, Lorry May (Player's Project), Rebecca Stenn, Eva Lawrence/7 Arts, and Miho Konai. Along with fivefour, she currently dances with Deganit Shemy.

Her work was first publicly seen at the ripe age of 8 on a small stage in a small talent show to a Janet Jackson tune at Dixie Canyon Elementary School. Her then dancer/choreogapher in crime was none other than best friend Sarah, who remains dancing by way of a snowboard.

After tasting the stage, Leah continued to develop her creative personality in middle school's drill team (using flashlights, no less), in high school (showing her first "modern" work as a sophomore) and in college collaborating with other artists and musicians in a multimedia showcase. She also choreographed for a musical and two student films at Columbia University.

Her work (pre-fivefour) has appeared at The Bates Dance Festival, Minor Latham Playhouse, Miller Theater, and Prentis. It must be noted that her high school dance teacher, Laura Bamford, was (and still is) one of the most influential people in her life. Laura pushed her students to move in new ways with a keen focus on creation, not technique. Leah is forever thankful to her and to her parents for letting Leah be Leah and for being proud of that. Really.

fivefour • 255 McKibbin St #208 • Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 646.339.6558 • info@fivefourdances.org

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