A fivefour Tale

Leah and Cortney originally met at the Bates Dance Festival in 2002, dealing with the regiment of daily developé's in relevé to the front, side, and oh yes, the back. This brief 3-week encounter unfortunately was just that. Fast forward to NYC fall of 2003; Cortney finally moves to New York.

One morning at Dancespace Center (now Dance New Amsterdam), in an advanced modern exploratory class taught by the one and only Miguel (the messiah, don't tell him he doesn't know) Gutierrez, Cortney recognized the infamous Shopasaurus t-shirt worn by Leah.

The two reconnected as days at the dance studio continued…they soon realized that both would be taking the messiah's performance workshop. Excited though they were, neither foresaw the kinetic and energetic connection that would emerge.

On their journey through hilarious and challenging rehearsals, they became fully aware of each other's ASSets during the "can we run the piece in your underwear?" rehearsal. Let’s just say it was laundry day for Cortney.

Sharing similar quirks and movement styles, Leah and Cortney (motivated by Miguel) decided to start the collaborative process. Without further ado, fivefour was birthed amid the madness of New York.

Why fivefour you say?

Well, it just so happens C and L are of that height.

fivefour • 255 McKibbin St #208 • Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 646.339.6558 • info@fivefourdances.org

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