fivefour (the company)

fivefour is the artistic collaboration of Cortney McGuire & Leah Nelson. They began in 2004 as a duet company, focusing on creating an unconventional, rhythmic and liberating movement style. Within the past two years, fivefour expanded to collaborate with a composer, Jeff Snyder, who has created original, live scores for two projects. The company has also evolved to include a core group of dancers, allowing McGuire and Nelson to take a more directorial role.

Their work has been presented in Colorado, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and various New York City venues including Joyce SoHo, Dance New Amsterdam, Dixon Place, Triskelion Arts, d.u.m.b.o. Dance Festival, and Chashama. After nearly sold-out crowds and encouraging feedback at their self-produced show, fivefour will hold another evening length program under the production of Triskelion Arts in November 2007.

Cortney McGuire
(co-artistic director, performer)

Leah Nelson
(co-artistic director, performer)

fivefour • 255 McKibbin St #208 • Brooklyn, NY 11206 • 646.339.6558 •

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