Upcoming Appearances

December 18, 2008
Thursday, 8pm
"Separation Anxiety"
Created & performed by fivefour/Cortney McGuire & Leah Nelson
Live music by Marques Toliver
at The Tank at chashama, NYC
217 E 42nd St (between 2nd & 3rd Aves)
December 20, 2008
Saturday, 8:30pm
"my space is sometimes yours"
at St. Mark's Church,
Danspace Project's "Food For Thought" series
131 E 10th St (at 2nd Ave)

Past Appearances

August, 2008 excerpt from "my space is sometimes yours"
at Earthdance in Plainfield, MA
November 15-17, 2007 Triskelion Arts presents "Separation Anxiety: a non-clinical approach"
"Separation Anxiety" & "everybody's different" by fivefour
"Peas & Carrots" by Benjamin Asriel & Leah Nelson
"this is my rite" by Cortney McGuire
August, 2007 "my space is sometimes yours"
Boulder International Fringe Festival
at Naropa University
May, 2007 "everybody's different"
Joyce Soho
November 16-18, 2006 fivefour presents "us & FRIENDS"
Triskellion Arts, Brooklyn, NY
Featuring work by:
fivefour/Cortney McGuire & Leah Nelson,
Kate Martel, launch movement experiment,
Alison Harmer, & Anne zuerner
118 N 11th St. 3rd floor b/w Wythe & Berry, off Bedford L
Reservations: 718.386.3007 or info@fivefourdances.org
November 19, 2006 "myspace is sometimes yours"
Underexposed at Dixon Place, NY, NY
October, 2006 "myspace is sometimes yours"
DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival at
Rabbit Hole Studios, Brooklyn, NY
September, 2006 "myspace is sometimes yours" (excerpt)
Faculty concert at
Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH
July, 2006 "safety first"
OASIS Festival at Chashama, NY, NY
June, 2006 "myspace is sometimes yours"
RAW Material at Dance New Amsterdam, NY, NY
April, 2006 "Interlusion"
here/restless at Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn, NY
Created in collaboration with Kate Martel
December, 2005 "Untitled"
Open Performence,
Movement Research at DTW, NY, NY
October, 2005 "lunch date"
d.u.m.b.o. Dance Festival at
White Wave, Brooklyn, NY
Original score: Jeff Snyder
Costumes: Cynthia Herrington
July, 2005 "lunch date"
OASIS Festival at Chashama, NY, NY
November, 2004 "2-Ply"
DANCEfeast at Dillon's Lounge, NY, NY
Music: Camera Obscura
Sound Clip: Leah, age 3

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